As we all know, the devastating effects of COVID-19 have left many charities facing large holes in their annual fundraising targets and need all the help they can get at this difficult time. 

We are delighted that through the efforts of the Buttercup Run community, and beyond, we have raised £14,000 which will provide vital relief at what will be a very strange and difficult year.

All funds raised in 2020 will be between divided equally between Youth Challenge Oxfordshire and the The Nasio Trust, its partner in Kenya. The funds will provide vital relief to the effects both charities have faced due to Covid-19 and natural disasters.


The Nasio Trust has been operating to provide homes, school and medical support for HIV orphans in remote Western Kenya since 2001. Help is so urgently needed this year due to devastating floods, displacing families and making them more vulnerable to the threat of Covid-19.


Nancy Hunt, the founder of the Nasio Trust, started Oxfordshire youth groups to support Nasio many years ago. This aspect of their work was taken on by a completely new charity, YoCO, in 2017 who have developed an 18 month UK programme to support local vulnerable young people aged 14-21. Each young person fund raises £800 for their volunteering trip to the Nasio Trust so that the group can build a house, offer jigger (foot infestation) treatment to hundreds of young children and support the work in the local Kenyan hospital. This builds an enduring and special relationship between the young in Oxfordshire and the young in Kenya.


Unable to travel to Kenya due to Covid-19, the YoCO young people want to support the Nasio Trust by fundraising in the UK. They have already sent funds for hand sanitisers so the Buttercup Run 2020 is a huge opportunity to work together as part of a global community in the face of this pandemic.


YoCO continues to offer essential support for vulnerable young people during this time through on-line sessions that are supportive, fun and interactive. YoCO needs to fundraise for these sessions and our core costs.


Once the youth groups start to meet again we will need to raise £2,000 per young person for the YoCO 18 month programme including volunteering for 10 days in Kenya with The Nasio Trust.

To find out more about YoCO, visit their website


In 2020, your donation can help to buy:

£10 Handwashing bucket for a family

£25 Bag of beans for 5 families for one week

£40 Bag of maize flour for one family for four weeks 

£50  Soap for 50 families

£100 Home made masks for over 250 people

To find out more about The Nasio Trust, visit their website

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